Made the way we would want.

The first product was born out of necessity.

Company founder Heikki Alakortes launched his own business in the 1970s, doing field work on his own farm as well as for other farmers in the Kortteenkylä area. Machine contracting expanded into snow clearance and, after purchasing the first excavator, digging underground drainage.
Heikki developed a number of different work machines in his metalworking shop to help with his contracting work. He initially fabricated a grader blade for his own use, but this durable, functional product began to draw the interest of other machine operators. The grader blade market grew, contracting work was put to the side, and the products being manufactured in the metalworking shop were dubbed JYKEVÄ.
From the very beginning, JYKEVÄ grader blades have been made to be durable and reliable. The same philosophy of uncompromising quality is also applied to the development and manufacture of other JYKEVÄ products. If you make machines the way you would want, they will be sure to last!
Pictured below: Heikki testing a new oxy-fuel cutting machine in the early 1980s. Jykevä – A look back
Jykevä - nostalgiakuva

Metalworking Shop

We manufacture all JYKEVÄ products in the South Ostrobothnian town of Isojoki. In addition to our own Metalworking Shop staff, we also use the services of subcontractors with ties to the region. This guarantees fast delivery and high-quality JYKEVÄ products!
Machine contracting in addition to personal farm work
Development and manufacturing of grader blades and other products alongside machine contracting
Contracting takes a back seat to metalworking shop operations
Isojoki Entrepreneur of the Year
Retail sales throughout Finland, manufacture of drain plows begins
Export of grader blades to Nordic countries begins
JYKEVÄ grader blades added to the IKH chain product lines
Change in ownership, Janne appointed head of operations
Acquisition of manufacturing rights to Monix drain plows, gravel spreader cassettes and track shoes from Tuurinkoski Oy
Streamlining and strengthening of our JYKEVÄ product range