Developed and tested for over 15 years based on user experiences
  • – Thanks to the wide bearing area of the track shoe, the surface pressure of the machine is low and evenly distributed.
  • – The low surface pressure and friction of the track shoe, along with its flat bottom, prevent damage to asphalt surfaces, even along the edges, caused when turning the undercarriage.
  • – Track shoes do not sink into or leave impressions in asphalt surfaces even when they are soft (temperature over 20 degrees).
  • – The bevelled edges and low-profile construction prevent the track shoe from “hooking” the drive sprocket and idler, i.e. no impressions will be left in the asphalt surface even on the hottest summer days.
  • – The track shoes can be easily and quickly mounted for doing even the smallest jobs.
  • – Work efficiency is improved when there is no need for extra caution when turning the undercarriage.
  • – Track shoes are always made according to the track roller dimensions.